We are a chiropractic clinic in Gloucester, here to help you find a solution to your pain.

We are a leading chiropractic clinic in Gloucester providing fast and effective pain relief for patients in the Gloucestershire area.

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A top rated chiropractic clinic in Gloucester

At The Fixer Chiropractic, we provide you with the best possible care throughout your treatment plan, just as we would our own family members or close friends. We want you to have the finest chiropractic experience possible, feel at ease among our staff, and eagerly anticipate coming to our office.

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Where is the pain?

Neck pain

Neck pain, also known as cervical pain, is frequently brought on by poor sleeping habits, poor ergonomics, and difficult sitting positions.

Back pain

Back discomfort can be incapacitating, persistent, and recurrent. Additionally, it may occur anywhere along the spine.

Shoulder pain

Your tendons, ligaments, muscles, or nerves are likely to have become irritated if you experience shoulder aches and pains.

Hip pain

If you have hip problems, chiropractic care might help by increasing hip flexibility and mobility through one of our treatment plans.


Chiropractic therapy may be able to help eliminate headache pain and also addresses the root of the problem.

Sporting injuries

Whether you are an amateur sports fan or a professional athlete, your body is susceptible to the same kind of aches and pains.

What to expect on your visit to the clinic

We keep our process pretty simple, we’ll complete a full assessment with you creating a thorough case history. We'll perform examinations and tests before setting out goals.

After the initial consultations, we'll report our findings giving you an overview of the diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan. We'll then take you through your first treatment - helping you unlock your body's full potential.

What our customers are saying...

Great service from Ed. He is friendly and professional and cares about what he does. Ed makes you feel comfortable and just does what is needed to fix the problem.
Have used him for many years and anyone with a back problem should use him.
Top service as always. Ed is upfront and honest and always offers a professional service. Always looking at ways to improve the already great service he offers. A wealth of knowledge and has been extremely supportive with a family member with an ongoing issue.
Great experience! It was my first time seeing a chiropractor so was quite nervous, but Ed was so welcoming and friendly.

No specific pain but just wanted a check over. Will be returning in the future when needed.