What is a Chiropractor at The Fixer Chiroractic?

Our goal is to unlock your system's potential, helping you thrive in every aspect of life. Thriving means boundless energy, restful sleep, optimal digestion, and minimal aches and pains.

At our practice, our chiropractors assess your specific needs to promote healing enabling you to thrive.

We use the "Finding The Primary" principles, a technique that has delivered incredible results. Let us relieve your system's pressure, enabling your brain and nervous system to function optimally.

Ed discussing treatment plans with patient

Chiropractic is not designed to make you feel instantly better. It is designed to make you instantly heal better!

BJ Palmer

What to expect during your visit

First visit

On your first visit to the practice, we will take a detailed history from you, set some personal goals and perform a postural analysis and assessment of your body.

Second Visit

On your second visit, we'll provide you with a report of findings, detailing the results of your assessment. This includes what we've found, and where we can help. If we're able to provide you with help we'll create a structured and tailored plan for your needs.


The Chiropractic adjustments can start at the second visit, if you are happy to proceed with the structured plan. We'll always leave time for this.